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UPDATE: Lexa is doing great since her surgery. She is so full of life and is finally getting to live a life that we all wanted for her. Soon after her surgery Lexa's foster mom decided to make her a full time member of her family. It’s a match made in heaven. Not only does Lex get the best of love, her new mom’s heart is made full again. She enjoys playing chase and hide and seek with her feline brother, going to grandmas house to play with her two shelties, car rides, and acting like a bunny (she hops with excitement).

We've got another URGENT case! Little Lexa spent her young doing nothing but giving birth to puppies so her owner could profit...that is until she started having stillborns and was no longer useful so Lexa was discarded. During that period her medical issues were neglected. She has such serious issues with her airway that she has to be kept calm at all times because any excitement causes her to pass out from lack of oxygen. She needs surgery ASAP to open up her nasal passages and throat so she can breathe properly, otherwise she can't even be taken on a walk or play like a dog should. We need to raise about $550 to cover her surgery. Please donate at

Jones and Star


UPDATE on Starr: She is now medically cleared and ready for adoption! She has very specific requirements so she will need a very special adopter. Please read the attached post and if you are interested in adopting Starr you can apply at

Jones and Star were seized from a raid on a puppy mill in Howard County Maryland. The owners of the puppy mill were charged with over 100 counts of animal cruelty and 54 dogs were seized from the property. Jones and Star were found living in a basement in deplorable conditions and had suffered abuse, neglect and starvation before being seized and then released to the care of Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue. Little Oliver Foundation has agreed to sponsor these 2 pups.

Star had a badly broken leg that was left untreated for at least 2 days and needed emergency surgery to be plated. She also suffers from a double ear infection, a heart murmur and pyoderma. Her estimated cost of care is already $5000!!
Jones is underweight, has a heart murmur and also suffers from a terrible, skin condition that was left untreated and caused him to lose all of his hair. Both dogs came in fearful and nervous, but are finally adjusting to loving hands rather than abusive ones.

Those of you who have followed us from the beginning know that this foundation was inspired in part by another Boston Terrier puppy mill survivor, Libre, so this case hits us right in the heart. We have been big advocates against puppy mills and the cruelty that comes with them. We ask that you help us sponsor these puppy mill survivors by donating, even if it's only a little. Our PayPal link is the best way to donate since it allows us to access the money right away so we can start helping Jones and Star immediately. Our Paypal link is



UPDATE on Coco: We were able to cover Coco's eye removal surgery so now she is a lot more comfortable. She does have one remaining surgery left to restore sight in her remaining eye.

Meet Coco, a poor mama who was bred until no longer wanted, starved and dumped. She almost didn’t survive due to how emaciated she was! Her previous owner had also left her diabetes untreated which caused eye issues. At first glance this mama looked like a senior, but she’s really only about 5 years old!! She was taken in from Animal Control by Monkey’s Pack Rescue and they started her treatment to regulate her diabetes and help her gain weight, but then poor Coco was found to have life threatening Pyometra and needed emergency surgery. She will also need surgery in the near future for her eyes. Little Oliver Foundation has been asked to help with the mounting medical bills to get Coco healthy again so she can find her forever home.



UPDATE ON JAYCEE: Jaycee's amputation has healed nicely and she is ready for the next step in recovery. Up next is the surgery to remove the damaged eye and the bullet. We sent in funds to Jaycee’s vet to help her on her journey to recovery. She’s a happy girl despite it all!

We were asked to assist on is Jaycee, a poor pup that was reportedly struck by a vehicle, beaten in the head with a heavy object, and shot in the back. She was taken in by MAX'S ANIMAL RESCUE and the request of the ACO. Her front left arm was contracted, fractured, and uninnervated, so it needed to be amputated. She was found malnourished, heartworm positive, hookworm, flea and tick infested and had a bullet lodged by her right hip. She still needs 2 additional surgeries to remove the damaged eye and the bullet in her back. 




UPDATE ON JACK: He had surgery to remove the eye and pieces of shattered bone then flushed it really well. The surgeons felt is was best to not wire Jack's jaw because where it was shattered should form scar tissue quickly, essentially holding everything together. He is now recovering and should be able to be neutered in about 4 weeks if all goes well! He's such a loving boy and it's clear he's grateful to be on the mend.


We have been asked to help this poor pup named Jack (originally named Aspen but later changed once his given name was discovered). He was picked up by Animal Control in Hinesville, GA and transferred to the care of Carpathia PAWS rescue. The vet confirmed that Jack was shot and has a shattered jaw. 




UPDATE ON WOODY: Woody's infection has cleared and he received the dental surgery he so desperately needed! He may not appreciate it right now, but once he has healed he will feel 100% better! He is also a healthy weight now and should be ready for adoption soon!

We have been asked to help with this sweet senior and we just couldn't say no. Woody was picked up by Berlin Animal Control and it was clear he was neglected...he's very underweight, arthritic and has a severe infection in his mouth. Once the infection has cleared Woody will need major dental surgery to relieve his pain.  He is currently being fostered through Monkey Pack Rescue while he recovers. 


UPDATE ON ACHILLES: After 6 months and 3 facial reconstruction surgeries, Achilles has been adopted by his foster mom who fell madly in love with him! We couldn't be happier for Achilles and his forever family! See his official family photos here: Achilles Photos

UPDATE ON ACHILLES: The 1st skin graft to cover the right side of his face is taking! He's on a series of antibiotic shots and everything is looking good so far! Once healed, he will go for his second surgery to create an upper lip. Furever Bully Love Rescue is doing wonderful things for the dogs in Florida so if you haven't checked them out yet then please do!


We have a heartbreaking case that we are sponsoring and we need your help!! I warn you that the images are graphic and upsetting. Meet Achilles, a poor pittie who was dumped in a trash heap and left to die. His face and muzzle had been ripped to shreds and a multitude of new and old bite wounds were present, indicating he was most likely a bait dog. He also had an old break to his leg that was never treated. Despite all of his injuries he manages to still wag his tail! A wonderful rescue called Furever Bully Love Rescue took him and rushed him to Crystal Creek Animal hospital who performed the first of many surgeries to reconstruct his face. We are working together with Furever Bully Love Rescue to raise the money needed for all the medical care Achilles will require. 

Little Bobby

UPDATE ON LITTLE BOBBY: Little Bobby has been adopted!!

UPDATE ON LITTLE BOBBY: Little Bobby had surgery and is doing great in recovery! He is limited activity for a few weeks but he really enjoys his potty breaks when he gets to let loose a bit. He has to be all bundled up because he was shaved for the surgery, but he doesn't seem to mind! Bobby is walking well now and seems to be pain free! Thank you everyone for sharing and helped Little Bobby get his second chance! If all continues to go well he will be able to get a grooming in about 4 weeks and then can find his forever home after that. Keep an eye out on the Monkey's Pack Facebook page for adoption info in about a month.


Little Bobby is a sweet 5 year old Shih Tzu mix who suffered from GI disorders as a direct result of the owner refusing to follow veterinarian instructions. Then when poor Little Bobby was found screaming in pain and unable to walk the owners dumped him at the local vet to be euthanized rather than treated. Luckily the owner agreed to surrender Little Bobby and the vet contacted the local shelter, who in turn contacted Monkey's Pack Rescue where Little Bobby is now being fostered. Monkey's Pack has contacted The Little Oliver Foundation and asked for assistance in funding Little Bobby's medical care. 

Little Bobby was seen by Dr. Hammond at Pieper Memorial Veterinary Center and it was determined that Little Bobby's back pain is most likely due to a herniated disc or degenerative disc, but he will need an MRI to know for sure what the cause is. The doctor is optimistic about Little Bobby's prognosis after surgery. 

We hope that you will help us get Little Bobby the care he needs to become the happy, pain-free pup he deserves to be! He is currently on a pain patch that will last him 6-8 days, so funding the MRI and surgery asap will give him the best shot at a full recovery. Thank you for your support! 



UPDATE ON KING AND LUNA: We have gotten an awesome update on King and Luna! King has been gaining weight finally and he is looking like a healthy dog now! Luna received her MRI, and although her injuries cannot be fixed surgically, she has been slowly improving with medication. Both dogs will be on life-long medication, but they are such sweethearts I have no doubt that they will find a forever home! If you are interested in either King or Luna, contact CT Animal House for more info. Again, thank you to all that donated toward their medical care!

Both King and Luna were abuse and neglect victims that found themselves at the pound facing euthanasia. Luckily for these beautiful dogs, CT Animal House stepped in and saved them. King and Luna have received all the care the rescue could afford, but now funds are low and both King and Luna still have a ways to go in their medical care so they have asked The Little Oliver Foundation to help them raise money to get them the additional care they need. We have agreed to sponsor them and share their stories. 

King's Story: 
King was relinquished from his owner when it was reported to Norwich Animal Control that the owner had been seen beating and starving King. When he was found, King was very weak, could barely walk and only had a body score of 1! Once in the care of CT Animal House, King received vet care, diagnostic testing and lots of TLC and he was able to gain a little weight. Unfortunately, King still suffers from GI issues even though he is on a special diet and further diagnostics will be needed to find out why. This poor pup has endured so much in his life, but he continues to wag his tail and give kisses. 

Luna's Story:
Luna came to CT Animal House with a spinal injury to her tail region. Though Luna's history is unknown, the vet feels that the injury is consistent with being swung around by the tail. The rescue has done months of steroid treatment, acupuncture and cold laser therapy in the hopes that she would heal, but unfortunately she continues to have continence issues due to the damage. After seeing a neurologist, it was determined that Luna would need an MRI to see what is truly going on and if surgery is an option. The estimate for the MRI is $2000. Luna is still a puppy and is as sweet as could be.

Care Packages

The Little Oliver Foundation sends care packages to survivors of animal abuse and neglect. These animals are not necessarily sponsored by us financially, but we have been moved by their story and feel they could benefit from a care package.

Meet Rocky, a tiny boy saved from NYC by Next Stop Forever, Inc. In his short life of less than a year old, he had already been passed around to two different homes and neglected. He was very under weight at less than 4 lbs, had untreated paraphimosis, severe matting, mild dehydration, possible exposure to ring worm, plus needed some baby teeth pulled as well as neuter and vaccinations. We sent this cutie a big care package to get him started on his new journey.


Meet Ryder, a sweet boy who was found abandoned with no water, food or tags. Luckily the wonderful people at Furbridge Animal Rescue have stepped in to save Ryder. Ryder has horrible wounds on his face that the vet determined were not new and consistent with injuries a bait dog would have. He has also tested positive for heartworm. Despite his horrific injuries and suffering greatly at the hands of humans, Ryder is all tail wags and full of love. The Little Oliver Foundation has sent Ryder several items off his Amazon Wishlist to help him on his new journey. You can view his wishlist here: Ryder's Wishlist or you can send donations via PayPal to  Please give Furbridge a 'like' on Facebook to follow this story as well as the other great things that they do!



Meet Benjamin, a little guy that was surrendered at a vet office with horrible head trauma and screaming in pain. Luckily Josh and His Critters Rescue took on Benjamin and gave him a second chance at a happy and healthy life! The Little Oliver Foundation has sent Benjamin a care package to help him on his new journey. Please give Josh and his Critters a 'like' on Facebook ( to see Benjamin's original video and all the updates on him (he is doing great now!). You can also visit their website at and donate to them if you can, they do great work!



Meet Hope, a victim of severe neglect who was starved for 2-3 months and then dumped. Luckily someone found Hope and brought her to the caring people at Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter and they got her the help she needed. When she arrived she could not walk or lift her head, she was severely emaciated and only had a temp of 96 degrees. She has had a few setbacks along the way, but Hope is a fighter and is improving day by day. She has already gained 15 pounds and has a lust for life! We have sent Hope a care package to aid her in her journey to the happy, healthy life she deserves! Please stop by the Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter Facebook page ( and give them a like to keep updated with Hope's progress. You can also visit their website at to learn more about them or donate.



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