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About Us

The Little Oliver Foundation, Inc is a charity organization dedicated to helping animals who have been victims of abuse and neglect. It was founded by Taunya Damon in 2016 when she was inspired by her own dog, Oliver, who was a victim of abuse and neglect by his previous owner. Taunya was also inspired by the story of Libre, the Boston Terrier puppy found in the dirt, left to die at a puppy mill until compassionate people stepped in and saved him. In both cases, the recommendation was euthanasia, but in both cases they were given a second chance and are now thriving, happy pups!



It is our mission to help to aid in the recovery and/or rehabilitation of animals who have been the victim of abuse and neglect through donations of supplies, providing relief of medical costs and/or rehabilitation fees, and through other means deemed appropriate by the Foundation. Many rescues would be willing to take in these tough cases but are often lacking funds and supplies to do so. This often leads to the animal being euthanized. Our hope is to lend aid through donations of funds and supplies so these animals are able to get that second chance at the life they deserve. No animal should ever suffer through what Oliver and Libre went through, but as long as there are caring people out there that are willing to give these animals a second chance at a happy and healthy life, then we will be there to help them with that journey. 



The Little Oliver Foundation, Inc feels it is also important to network with rescues, shelters and other animal related agencies to ensure the safety of animals who are in abuse and/or neglect situations. Equally important is to work within the community to educate the public about animal welfare related issues and the importance of not staying silent when witnessing a case of abuse and/or neglect. The more the general public know about what to do if they witness a case of abuse or neglect, the more animals that can be saved from these situations.



Since we are a new organization it will take time for us to grow into the foundation we are hoping to become. We are a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization so all donations made towards our organization are tax deductible. We value and appreciate your support. Even the smallest donation could make the difference in the life of an animal in need.

Board of Directors

Meet our Board of Directors! All our members are vegan and care about the welfare of all animals. We are a small organization hoping to make a big impact in the lives of abused/neglected animals.

Taunya Damon - President/Treasurer

Genevieve Lopez - Vice President

Steve Brown - Secretary

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