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How to help

Donations of any kind are extremely helpful. We will also be looking for local volunteers to help run fundraising events and other functions as they arise. See our 'Donate' page for more details.


What to do if you see an animal in need

If you come across a case of abuse or neglect, act immediately and don't be silent! Contact your local authorities and the local ACO. Follow up if you can to make sure action has been taken. We need to be the voice for animals who cannot speak for themselves. Click here for great info on different scenarios and what to do if you see animal abuse and/or neglect.

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Jones and Star's Fundraiser


Little Oliver Foundation is currently sponsoring Jones and Star, who were seized from a raid on a puppy mill in Howard County Maryland. The owners of the puppy mill were charged with over 100 counts of animal cruelty and 54 dogs were seized from the property. Jones and Star were found living in a basement in deplorable conditions and had suffered abuse, neglect and starvation before being seized and then released to the care of Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue. 

Star had a badly broken leg that was left untreated for at least 2 days and needed emergency surgery to be plated. She also suffers from a double ear infection, a heart murmur and pyoderma. Her estimated cost of care is already $5000!!
Jones is underweight, has a heart murmur and also suffers from a terrible, skin condition that was left untreated and caused him to lose all of his hair. Both dogs came in fearful and nervous, but are finally adjusting to loving hands rather than abusive ones. 

Please donate if you can, even if it's just a little! Our Paypal link is Thank you!!


Meet Oliver

Oliver is the inspiration for this foundation and our official mascot. At just 6 months old he was abused and left to die by his previous owners, but is now a happy, healthy puppy thanks to the dedication of his forever mom to get him all the care he needed. Oliver's forever mom, who is also the founder of this organization, hopes to give other animals who have been victims of abuse and neglect a second chance at a happy, healthy life.


10/21/19: We've launched a t-shirt/hoodie fundraiser to help raise funds for the medical care of Star, Jones and other abused and neglected pups! We've brought back a popular design and made it available in 3 colors for t-shirts and 2 colors for hoodies. It would make a great gift for Christmas or a treat for yourself! We have to sell a minimum of 9 in order for them to be printed. Here's the link:

UPDATE 7/16/18:  We have officially been granted 501(c)(3) status by the IRS. All donations made to our organization are now tax deductible! Thank you for all your support!

UPDATE 6/18/17:  Thank you to Pound Posse Presents for having us on their show last night! 

UPDATE 3/31/17: Great news everyone...after what seems like eternity we have finally been processed, assigned a AG number and officially listed on the MA Attorney General's site as a non-profit! Which means we can finally start fundraising and accepting donations!! We will have some fundraisers coming up to help us raise funds to allow us to sponsor animals in need as well as raising the funds needed (a $400 fee to the IRS) to apply for 501(c)3 status.

UPDATE 3/1/17: We at The Little Oliver Foundation want to make sure we are as transparent as possible with the public so throughout our building process we have been posting updates on what's going on. Here is the latest update: It has been 6 weeks since sending our paperwork in to the MA Attorney General's office so I called to get the status of our Non-Profit application (we are already approved and listed by the Secretary of the Commonwealth as a non-profit, but need the AG's approval to fundraise). We are currently listed as 'pending' and I was told they are about 8 weeks behind now and that I should be receiving our certificate in a couple weeks...So two more weeks (hopefully) and we can officially start fundraising. Hopefully there will not be any more delays and we can start raising money to help some animals in need! In the meantime we will be creating care packages for animals that have been the victim of abuse/neglect and preparing for the event season so we can reach out and talk to people about our mission.

UPDATE 2/4/17: We have been informed by the MA Attorney General's office that they are running behind in processing new non-profit registrations so we will have to wait 6-8 weeks before we have the green light to start fundraising. While it is disappointing not to be able to start helping animals as soon as we would like, we are happy to be in the home stretch and we will be using this time to do some finishing touches so the Foundation is ready to go full steam ahead once we get the ok. Thank you for your patience and hanging with us during this time!

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